St Louis, MO Dermatology - Dermatologist

St Louis Dermatologist - Dermatology

st louis dermatologist - dermatologyIf you’ve been considering making a visit to a dermatologist, or even been recommended to one, you might want to consider how the visit can benefit you. A dermatologist is a skin specialist who can recommend healthy eating habits, skin care, and exercise to keep your skin in tip top condition. And despite the common belief, you don’t necessarily need a skin disorder or problem to benefit from the visit. 

St Louis Dermatologist - Dermatology

The following benefits include some of the top reasons you should visit a dermatologist.

Reasons to Visit a St. Louis Dermatologist


Diagnose & Fix Skin Disorders

Whether you have a rash or dry patchy skin, you can have a dermatologist look at and diagnose it. One of the benefits of a dermatologist is that they specialize in skin so they can easily diagnose what is wrong with yours. Visiting a dermatologist is especially important if you have an unexplained rash, bumps, itchy skin, very dry skin, or white patches on your skin as each of these can be signs of underlying skin disorders.

Manage Psoriasis

If you have psoriasis than a dermatologist can definitely help you to manage it. From recommending lotions and creams to prescribing cortisone creams and biologics, your dermatologist can help you to treat, manage, and improve psoriasis. While there is no cure for the skin disorder, you can reduce scales and dry skin, especially with regular monitoring and advice from a trained skin doctor.

Treat and Reduce Acne

More than 20% of adults suffer from acne but despite this, there are a lot of ways to reduce and even get rid of breakouts. A dermatologist will be able to diagnose the causes behind the acne and then recommend treatments, medicines, eating and exercise routines, and perhaps light therapy to help get rid of your acne for good. While not all acne is 100% treatable, you can likely greatly reduce your acne breakouts by 70% or more within a few months, and your dermatologist can help you get there.

Make Your Skin Look Young

Last but not least, a dermatologist can help you keep your skin in great condition. Whether you want to peel back the years a bit or just want to keep your skin as healthy as possible, a dermatologist can recommend everything you need to get the results you want. While not all dermatologists can help, many will recommend everything from lotions, to vitamins, and even makeup that you can use to keep your skin in good condition.

No matter what you need, a dermatologist can help. From diagnosing skin issues to helping you solve them, a dermatologist specializes in skin which is why they are the best people to turn to when you want to fix or change something. Dermatologists can help people with acne, dry skin, wrinkles, age spots, psoriasis, and even unexplained rashes and bumps. You can also go to a dermatologist to help with sunburn, sun poisoning, and other temporary skin issues. While not everyone needs a dermatologist, you might benefit from visiting one and taking their advice to heart.

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