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St Louis Health Providers

St. Louis healthDepending on the program and the provider, health/wellness services can be delivered through a number of different venues. Many health providers offer internet and phone screening to cut costs for you, while others offer on-site screening. Any of these options is likely to be good, although you should research your needs to decide which delivery method is right for you, and which you prefer. From there, it's a simple matter of finding a provider that offers the right delivery. For example, your employees may be perfectly fine with taking a mental health exam online, but may prefer an on-site unit for vaccinations.  

STL Health - Wellness Providers

Check for Certification or Licensing: The first and most important tip that you can consider is that any health provider in Missouri should be certified or licensed according to state and board standards. Your health provider has to comply with PPCA, HITECH, HIPPA, and a number of other regulations in order to be legal, and if they don't, your company could be facing legal issues. In addition, the company should most likely have a state certification, as well as accreditation from either the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, or the National Committee for Quality Insurance. If they do not have any of these, then you don’t want to hire them.  

Ask About Services: While it may seem obvious that you want to know about services, you actually want to know about more than what services they provide. Consider asking about program flexibility, service customization, and of course, rates. Most of the time you can find basic information on a website or in a brochure, but make sure you ask to get the more in depth details you need to make your decision.  

Do Your Research: It's always important to research any STL health and wellness provider to ensure that they offer the quality that you need. A very basic way to check up on the provider is to simply do a web search for their business name and check out what other people are saying about the company. If you see a lot of negativity or complains, then you know not to hire them. Of course, you can't entirely rely on internet reviews, so make sure you also see how long they've been in business, and if at all possible, talk to one of their other clients.  

Compare: Finally, the best way to get the right health/wellness provider is actually as simple as comparing your options. Check to see how many options you have and then spend a decent amount of time researching each one. If you want an easy way to compare, try writing up a pros and cons list for each one, or create a chart with specific features, rates, and services, so that you can quickly compare to see which is right for you.